Tuesday, August 17, 2010


...was super fun and this post is super late in posting. If you didn't know, I am currently Artspace's REAR (Regional Emerging Artist in Residence). It's an awesome opportunity for me and I hope by the end of the residence that it shows. These were the goods.

I think for September's first Friday I'll make shirt versions, and possibly paper prints with nice frames? Each one of the smaller pieces were made on plywood with a hardboard backing. I key-holed the backs with my router so they would hang flush to the wall. They were painted using spray paint and stencils for the colors and then screenprinted with acrylic ink.

The image to the right is a 36"x60" crop of SUN that I posted earlier.



I was in late at night and thought to take some pictures of where I create. I've been permitted this wonderful space by the authority of Rusty Beans and T Bird LaCombe.
I believe my crowning achievement to be the folding work table. Using some scrap plywood and 2x4's and with the assistance of door hinges I was able to create/eliminate space. Also you'll see my growing collection of paint. I have been proponent of Rustoleum for many moons(and still am!), but after trying Montana Gold I've had to shelve them for now.
l also threw in a pic of a growing collection of wood panel(canvas). I am a hoarder of sorts and found my collection of blank wood growing faster than I could paint it. I hope by the end of the year the pile should be reduced, eliminated, or made to better use by way of constructing something larger and possibly heavier.
The last pic is of the lovely ladies that help me create my masterpieces, without them I would be reduced to purchasing canvas, who does that anyway?






on the street

Some quick pics I took of some pieces I put up around town with Derek. More to come!